Our Eureka Moment

After years of working in all aspects of AdTech, AdFlier founder Vadim Skvirsky created several high traffic sites which generated significant revenue. Over time he became more and more aware that the industries biggest players consistently favored the needs of advertisers and their own pockets, at the expense of the editors, bloggers and publishers who helped them find their sought after audience. Separately Vadim created cutting edge high frequency trading programs for the financial industry. One day he had a revelation - he could use his stock trading technology with numerous advertising pools and ad exchanges to present publishers with an opportunity to finally make the money they deserve. Bloggers and publishers would finally get a fair share while advertisers revel in our honest impressions. He would bring integrity back into his industry.

Our Values

At AdFlier, we've got your back. Bloggers and Publishers finally get a fair shake. Advertisers revel in our honest impressions. Smart, auto-learning technology ensures quality matchmaking at the speed of light. Our ads are easy and intuitive to set-up. Our payments are handled with integrity. Our customer service is designed to serve.

Our Network

Our expansive and continuously growing network consists of quality advertisers and brand-safe traffic pools. Getting on board is quick, simple, and straightforward. Quality is our highest priority and therefore we continuously monitor and review all of our ad placements to search for ways to make improvements and ensure compliance. We attract the best publishers because we truly care about their readers.

Our Technology

We’ve designed our ad selection and delivery process to work faster than the blink of an eye! With our proprietary algorithm, we can reliably aggregate, evaluate and deliver ads selected from numerous sources in milliseconds. Our goal is to utilize our technology to simplify the complexities of the ad selection and delivery process for the benefit of advertisers and publishers alike.

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"One finds limits by pushing them"

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