Adflier is committed to bloggers getting a fair deal


Ready for a life-changing secret? Most of our competitors have fees built in so that they don’t pay out if you have a slow month - some bloggers have never seen a dime of ad revenue. We call that stealing. We are committed to you earning the ad revenue that your brilliant content deserves.
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AdFlier gets publishers paid


Our whip-smart AdTech has learnt lessons from the financial trading world. We negotiate on your behalf to match the web’s highest yielding ads with your superior content. Enhance your CPMs using contextually targeted custom ad widgets.
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Honest impressions for ads that work


We are bringing integrity and transparency back to ADTech. You will be able to identify and acquire new customers by launching acquisition focused campaigns across multiple marketing channels and a multitude of brand safe ad placements. We hand pick the best publishers for you.
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Our primary goal is to help developers make more money


Adflier connects developer’s apps to top advertisers around the world using the most advanced contextually targeted adtech solutions so that user experience remains seamless and enjoyable. We are developers too and we are uniquely understanding of your needs and goals.
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Why choose us?

We are the simple, honest turnkey solution you have been looking for!


Our platform represents a reliable turnkey solution which will significantly increase your bottom line.


Extensive public and private network of quality advertisers, certified partners, apps and content sites.


Our ad serving algorithms continuosly auto-learn to deliver the highest yielding contextually targeted ads.

"Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make"
-Bill Bernbach

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